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Artisan Partners

We partner with fair trade social enterprises across Guatemala and India to create our products. We focus on organizations who work primarily with women artisans. Our current partners include: 

Maya Traditions Foundation: 
As a nonprofit social enterprise, Maya Traditions is dedicated to facilitating access to national and international markets for Mayan backstrap weaver artisans and their families in the highlands of Guatemala. Following a fair trade model, they seek to support artisans, their families, and their communities through social programs that work to build capacity, preserve local cultures, and motivate indigenous women to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Sevya supports artisan groups that have little access to marketing avenues by reviving endangered art forms and showcasing their products in the global arena. Sevya works with thousands of artisans throughout India using a fair trade model. Every purchase directly benefits these artisan groups and enables them to pass their rich traditions on to the next generation. It also helps to ensure that these women artisans gain greater economic and social freedom. 

Kara Weaves: 
Kara Weaves is a WBE certified social enterprise working with local weaving co-operatives to create fair trade handwoven textiles in south-west India. Each product is fabricated from ancient local fabrics that are hand-made at traditional wooden looms. An all-women partnership, Kara Weaves is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation of India.