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Bathen is a socially conscious after-bath brand that was founded by Emily Painter, Elisiana Diaz-Martin, and Hannah Zisman. With influences from the East Coast, West Coast, and abroad, the brand connects traditional artistry with the modern trend of styling every moment, including stepping out of the shower.

Our vision was shaped during a trip to Guatemala to visit Elisiana who was connecting with her Latinx heritage (her father is from El Salvador) and working with Maya Traditions Foundation, a non-profit and one of our current artisan partners. We were inspired by the country's vivid colors and intricate techniques passed down for generations by its women weavers. It was there, on the edge of Lake Atitlan, that we decided to combine our love of non-traditional, colorful after-bath wear with our desire to work with skilled artisans by partnering with ethical social enterprises around the world. 

We also strive to use minimal, recycled packaging whenever possible. We use 100% recycled boxes, mailers, and post cards, and our robes come in 100% cotton reusable bags instead of tissue paper. 

Our goal is to be part of an emerging movement—one that moves away from mass-produced, fast fashion, and toward a more ethical future.