Doing it the right way

We're committed to doing our part in an emerging movement—one that has moved away from mass-produced fashion and toward a more ethical future.

Ethical artisan partnerships

Our artisan partners are at the core of what we do, and we strive to follow an ethical production model. Therefore, we only work with producers who follow rigorous safety practices and ensure good working conditions based on their country of origin; For some of our partners, this might look like working from their homes and a textile building for others. 

No matter their location, the artisans are paid fairly for their work and have access to social programs such as artisan development resources and/or support for their children's education. 

With Covid-19 impacting us and hitting our artisan communities in drastic ways, we communicate closely with our partners to ensure we work within their capacities while prioritizing their health and safety. 

Time-honored production techniques

We produce our pieces using traditional weaving methods based on the expertise of the artisans and their locations. We honor the history and tradition of these methods and the people who make them. 

Evolving sustainability practices

We're always looking for new ways to stay sustainable. We strive to use minimal packaging and recyclable materials for our mailers, tape, and postcards. We carefully pack our robes in reusable bags that are 100% raw cotton.

We also produce in small batches to eliminate the possibility of fabric waste due to overproducing and to ensure we only create what we will sell.