Ethically made.
Never boring.

Bathen is a socially conscious after-bath brand founded in 2019 by Elisiana Diaz-Martin, Emily Painter, and Hannah Zisman.

The brand connects traditional artistry with the modern trend of styling every moment, including stepping out of the shower. With influences from art, pop-culture, and contemporary design, our products are uniquely colorful and always timeless.

Our vision was shaped in 2018 while visiting Elisiana in Panajachel, Guatemala, where she was working with Maya Traditions (a fair-trade social enterprise) to connect indigenous backstrap weavers to the global market.

We were inspired by the country's vivid colors and intricate techniques, passed down for generations by its women weavers. It was there, on the edge of Lake Atitlan, that we decided to combine our love of colorful after-bath wear with our desire to work with skilled artisans. 

Today, we work with producers in Guatemala and India who value ethical manufacturing standards and aim to provide dignified work for artisans. We are proud to be part of an emerging movement—one that has moved away from mass-produced fashion toward a more ethical future.

Meet the founders

Elisiana Diaz-Martin

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Elisiana handles all of our customer service, fulfillment, and production. She has spent the last five years working in the nonprofit sector with organizations located in South Africa, Guatemala, and now at her home base in the US. When she’s not working full-time, you can find her gardening or spending time with her adopted street dog, Jaspe. 

Elisiana's favorite Bathen product?
The Big Striped Bag in Hush

Emily Painter

Laguna Beach, California

Emily oversees our social media and marketing efforts, as well as design. She has spent the last ten years working for fashion, entertainment, and tech companies and currently runs social media marketing for Fender full-time. When she's not on Zoom calls, you can find her at the beach (she lives a block away) or at an outdoor show. 

Emily's favorite Bathen product?
The Long Striped Robe in Daze

Hannah Zisman

Brooklyn, New York

Hannah oversees our content marketing, PR, and production as well as design. She previously worked in marketing at Hearst on notable brands, including Cosmopolitan and Women's Health. Today, she works as a content designer full-time and is writing a children’s book with her husband, launching in Spring 2023. She also has a cute toddler named Frida!

Hannah's favorite Bathen product?
The Bathtan in Taro